Custom Computer System Design & Building
    Litchfield County Computer can custom build a computer system tailored to your exact needs. Litchfield County Computer does not have prebuilt systems ready to sell. We prefer to build to your specifications, giving you a true custom built system. Litchfield County Computer builds custom systems for all applications and all operating systems. To get started on designing your custom computer system contact us with your requirements.

    There is a common question that arises when the subject of building a custom computer system comes up. This question is "What are the advantages to having a custom built system versus purchasing a system from a large computer vendor?" The answer to this question is multi fold.

    First, while the large computer vendors are great at building basic systems for general use, these systems don't work well for applications such as high end gaming or image editing. The large vendors do offer higher end systems, but the pricing on these systems is often more expensive than the cost of having a custom system built.

    Second, many of the large vendors use proprietary parts in their systems. A proprietary part means that if you want to upgrade your system or the system needs a repair part you have no choice but to go back to the system vendor for the part you need. The system vendors are well aware of this and will charge you 4 to 5 times more than what the industry standard parts we use in our custom systems cost.

    Third, with large computer vendors the quality of the technical support that you receive after the sale leaves much to be desired. These days, most technical support that is provided by the large vendors is based overseas, and may have a high fee attached. Litchfield County Computer provides free US based technical support for each system that is built.

    Fourth, Litchfield County Computer custom built computers can go 6+ years before they need a major overhaul, and the price of their overhaul is often much less than the cost of a new computer.

    Fifth, Many people have been purchasing Apple products because Apple does not use overseas tech support. At Litchfield County computer you can have a high quality computer that is still the PC format that you are already used to and still be under the price of an iMac!

    A basic use computer build starts at $750! Many custom options and references are available upon request. Just ask!