Backup Systems
    While Litchfield County Computer does offer data recovery services it is often more economical to back up files that are important to you as insurance against data loss before disaster strikes. Litchfield County Computer can help provide this additional layer of protection by designing a backup solution that meets your unique needs.

    The Importance of Keeping Regular Backups

    Most computer users today understand the importance of having anti-virus software installed on their computers. However, few computer users today understand the importance of backing up files that are important to them on a regular basis. Many of us have important files on our computers that we can’t afford to lose (i.e. pictures, school reports, business documents, etc.). The following scenarios all have the potential to cause the loss of important data:

    •Malware infection
    •A Windows installation that becomes corrupted
    •Hard disk failure

    While in some cases it is possible to retrieve data after a problem has occurred it is more economical to take a few minutes and back up data that is important to you before disaster strikes. Files can be backed up
    to a variety of media including:

    •Zip/Jaz disks
    •Flash Drives
    •Second Hard Disk (internal or external)

    If you have any questions about backing up your important files please do not hesitate to contact Litchfield County Computer by going to the contact us page


    Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and arrange for an estimate.