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Off site storage, also known as cloud storage, has become very popular.  The way most cloud storage is implemented can have some drawbacks, namely:


That all changes with Litchfield County Computer’s cloud storage offering.  Let me give you all the details.

What you’re looking at is an ioSafe model 1517.  This is the hardened file server where the offsite backups are kept.  This server is kept in a room that’s fire rated for two hours in addition to the server itself being fire rated (1,850 degrees F for half an hour).  The server is also water proof to a depth of 10 feet for a continuous period of 72 hours in fresh or salt water.  You can easily blast this thing with a fire hose and the hard drives that hold the data will shrug it off like nothing ever happened.  It’s also hard for me to put into words just how heavy this unit really is.  It’s built like a tank. Now let me talk about the hard drive layout.  This unit has 5 hard drives installed in it in a RAID 6 configuration.  This means that 2 of the five drives can be bad at the same time and everyone’s data is still fine.  I don’t even let it get to that point.  This unit checks itself constantly and if ANYTHING goes wrong at all it blows up my E-mail and my phone and I know about it. This unit also has a lot of built in security including its own built in antivirus and firewall that allows me to keep entire countries out.

Common uses:

Common uses of this unit include off site backup storage and allowing you to access files anywhere you need to.  If you want to use this unit for something and you’re not sure if it will work ask me.


$360 per yer per terabyte