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Lori Schneider – Southbury, CT.

Just want to give a HUGE shout out to Matt Smith , of Litchfield county computer, for helping me today. I totally got scammed, with something very believable….saying they were from Microsoft, and my account was frozen, and that someone stole my IP address. It seemed so legit….but luckily…I did NOT go through with their instructions, and called Matt. who totally helped me to check my computer, and get back on track. I am well versed in “phishing” and I STILL almost fell for it! my screen was frozen and there were alarms going off….. I had never used Matt before, but met and got a card from him at the Woodbury Fall Fest last weekend! Thank you, Matt!!! I HIGHLY recommend him!


Tom Francis – Owner and Operator, Creative Colors International, Oxford, CT.

I have been using Matt Smith (Litchfield County Computer) for about the last five years for my business (Creative Colors) and personal computer and phone needs. He is VERY responsive to my needs as I am “dead in the water” without my computer. He always contacts me right away and has always rectified whatever problem I have. His pricing is reasonable too.


Jeff Lichtman – Owner and Partner, The Law Offices of Jeffery Lichtman, New York, NY.


Ellen Fleysher – New York, NY.

Matt Smith gets five stars.  He is a brilliant computer geek who analyzes, troubleshoots and solves problems quickly.  He is also articulate, patient, clear and does not rip you off. If you are remotely like me -reliant upon computers daily but at heart, an illiterate – I recommend him without reservation. Call him now.  Thank me later


Mary Jane Strong – Woodbury, CT.

Matt did a great job fixing my laptop, which had a password problem. In addition to the competent fix, he did it quickly and inexpensively. I enthusiastically recommend him for any of your computer crises.


Renee Clifford – Bethlehem, CT.

Just want to say that I did hire Matt Smith to convert my 25 year old vhs-c tapes to DVD. I’m THRILLED they came out GREAT! Our priceless memories were brought back to life and the quality is excellent! Matt charged a very reasonable price, and I am so happy Matt responded to my request. I totally recommend Matt Smith for any of your computer needs! Thanks again MATT!


Norman Smith – Woodbury, CT.

On June 7, 2023 my Google email became inoperative and after my initial panic and as a new resident of Woodbury, I was able to quickly solve my dilemma by using Litchfield County Computer (LCC). Matt, owner, devoted his personal attention to my needs by using technical diagnostics and was readily able to restore my application in a short time with reasonable cost… I highly recommend the LCC Service.


Kathy Velky – Woodbury, CT.

Thank you Matt. Our laptop is running like new, the speed is incredible.


Bert Gerke – Woodbury, CT.

I’m not very computer savvy and Matt went out of his way to make me feel comfortable talking about my needs and what I needed done. He took my calls when I had questions and we came to a quick resolution to the problem. I highly recommend Matt for your computer needs large or small.


Kate Oakley – Savannah, GA.

Several days ago my Windows went wonky so I did a restart. That created several “common” problems that could be fixed once I sign into Windows BUT the problems prevented me from signing in! I had one big heavy paperweight! 😡😭
Instead of taking my Desktop Tower to Geek Squad and their ridiculous prices, Matt Smith was able to fix it remotely. That’s right! Couldn’t sign in, and we fixed it remotely! We even brainstormed and worked together to save all of my files. And price wise? Great enough I’m not going anywhere else. Very very fair! I don’t have time to get it to it’s former glory yet but I’m in and it works good as new! 🥰
Kathy Lamb – Kent, CT.

Matt did a great job taking several old computers and extracting the data to an external drive and wiping the machines clean for disposal. Very reasonable prices. Would absolutely recommend Matt & Litchfield County Computer!


Shawna Mucherino – Morris, CT.

Matt was able to save my laptop which I thought was a goner. He was fast and efficient even with having to order parts. Absolutely excellent communication throughout the process. Will definitely be coming back in the future for any computer work.


Juila Wiley – Litchfield, CT.


Kirby Sage – Woodbury, CT.

I was having many problems with my laptop and thanks to a post I saw that recommended Matt Smith / Litchfield County Computer I decided to give him a try. Highly recommend him!  He was very nice, reasonably priced, fast and my laptop works better than it did before!


Katelyn Jock – Bethlehem, CT.

Just want to give a shout out to Matt Smith with Litchfield County Computers. Dropped my laptop off to him Tuesday morning. Within a few hours he called me with a diagnosis and a solution to the issues with my laptop. By Thursday it was fixed and ready for pick up.  Let me tell you, my laptop runs better now then when I first got it. I’m completely shocked with how fast it runs and how fast Matt fixed it.  If you have computer issues, Matt is the person to see.  He works fast and his prices can’t be beat.  Thank you again Matt.

Joe Buonincontri – Office Manager, Richard Dudgeon, Inc., Waterbury, CT.

Matt Wood – Owner, Matt Wood Fine Art, Woodbury, CT.
This is not an advertisement, this is a huge thank you.  Our daughter has a very stressful job and her days are long. She’s been living at home during Covid. You all know she’ll be moving into her own Woodbury home soon.  Anyway internet in Woodbury is not very good for those of you who rely on it for your job as Bianca does. Daily having to create a hotspot when Spectrum failed her.  Well Matt Smith and his assistant saved us HUGE! Can’t wait for Bianca to try out what they’ve created for us. And unbelievably patient and kind.  You all know that about Matt already.  Thank you Matt.
Susan Hackel – Owner, Susie Hackel Voiceovers and Bee Ready to Read, New Milford, CT.
Jeanne Kaufman – Woodbury, CT.
Dyer Cassidy – Woodbury, CT.
Beverly Deickler – Partner, Law Firm: Harley & Deickler LLP, Woodbury, CT.
Donna Lesch – Southbury, CT.
Lane Smith – Bridgewater, CT.

I was trying to migrate ten years of outdated data from a computer with a ten-year-old OS to a brand new iMac. We spoke to the geniuses at the Apple Genius Bar. We bought adapter cords, plugs, dongles recommended by employees of Staples and Best Buy. Nothing worked. A friend suggested we contact Matt and Litchfield County Computer. Matt sent George to us. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical and told my wife, “I think he is going to say we need to trash our poky old computer and its data and call it a day.” Nope. In less than two hours everything was working perfectly on the new computer. And every little additional problem we had for George was handled as well. No challenge too inconsequential or demanding. I highly recommend these guys.

Karin Simon – Bethlehem, CT.

Thank you for all your help!

David Strong – Woodbury, CT.

Matt Smith did an outstanding job in retrieving my files and pictures from a totally fried hard drive. He then set up my new computer being careful to ascertain my preferences in a creative and competent way, all for a very reasonable price. I recommend him very highly for all your computer needs.
Danielle Baechle – Washington Depot, CT.

I am so grateful that you took up the challenge of an old 286 computer, and that you were successful. If I ever publish that poetry book, I’ll be sure to mention you as I have written some pretty interesting work on that old computer. It is really beloved and comforting to me. Bless you for helping me in there difficult times. You stay well and keep up the good work.

Glen Heckendorf – Southbury, CT.

Thanks for taking care of our problem so efficiently, quickly, and at reasonable cost. Glad we found you and we will certainly call you again if we need computer work.
Laura – Washington, CT.

I contacted Matt when I needed someone to figure out what was happening with my home equipment. I wish I had made contact a long time ago with him! He is very professional, knowledgeable, responsive and easy to talk with. His technician is polite, prompt, communicative and was able to diagnose and work on my immediate needs during the first visit. I look forward to working with Matt for many years to come!
Nancy Gross – Owner, Summer Girl Media, Woodbury, CT.

I want to thank Matt Smith at Litchfield Computer that saw me last minute to help with a video transfer that I needed to edit! A great job Matt!! Thank you so very much!! You are the best!!!

J.R. Rossman – Huntingtown, MD.

I had come to my wit’s end trying to get my Windows 7 files from the external drive onto a directory under Windows 10. I was referred to Matt who set up Team Viewer to help me through the internet and by phone. He showed me the way to accomplished my goal. I appreciate that Matt will send me the information to continue to do the move. He is patient, actively listens and goes beyond doing his best. I am IT however, I do not know everything. Matt Smith knows well what IT that I do not know.
Peggy Budny – New Hartford, CT.

Wow! Folks, I had a one minute conversation with Matt Smith about my Windows 10 platform and it is now like a whole new world on Facebook on this computer. Drop Microsoft Edge as your browser if you, too, are having problems. thanks Matt!

Tracy Jo Usher – Owner, SOULBURY, Woodbury, CT.

Excellent service! Matt was just a quick message and phone call away! He walked me through my computer potentially being hacked and saved me from some big headaches! Thank you Matt! Highly recommended

Ed Cole – Woodbury, CT

Dear Matt,
Thank you for your assistance with our Wi-Fi problems, especially for your reliable and prompt communications. George was great – helpful and patient.

Earl Canfield, Owner Canfield Electric – Bethlehem, CT.

Matt was able to save me money for a new CNC complete rebuild by repairing my existing computer and software. Thank you, Earl

Kristine Berube-Loomis – Watertown, CT.

Best computer repair service in this area!! LITCHFIELD COUNTY COMPUTER!!!! Matt Smith is a superhero. I had 2 very old computers that I only wanted the pictures from. Matt took both computers- one old tower and one laptop. He extracted all my pics to a flash drive, removed the brains of the computers (with all my personal info), and disposed of the rest. He did all this in a days time and the cost…………$53.18!!!!!!!

Brenda Kunin – Woodbury, CT.

Matt did a great job on the problems I was having with my computer and he fixed it in a timely manner. Matt was very professional and treated me with dignity and respect. My payment was very reasonable and I would recommend him highly.

Ken Tasch – Owner, Richard Dudgeon, Inc., Waterbury, CT.

Matt can effectively handle any IT requirement from small to large. His service is timely and reliable, but compared to similar services, the value of the service stands out. Give him a try, or if you’d like to discuss my experience give me a call: 203 435-3138.

Michael Cunningham, former owner of BildaBurger – Woodbury, CT.

Matt has the personal touch which makes his company stand out from the rest. He is extremely knowledgeable and is up to date on all the latest technology.

Tonya Gramolini Dzwonkowski – Seymour, CT.

Matt did a great job with my computer! He took it in Monday night and it was ready by Wednesday morning. He was honest, reliable and came highly recommended! I will bring all my service to him in the future and will recommend him to everyone I know!

Laura Boulerice – Oakville, CT.

Matt did s great job fixing 2 laptops. We were told they weren’t worth fixing. Matt stuck it out and fixed them. I’m using today. Very professional and personable. A rare find in today’s world. 5 star rating for me

Deana Paqua – New Milford, CT.

Matt Did an excellent job with rescuing my iMac hard drive after it crashed. He worked in an efficient and timely fashion for a very fair price. I really appreciate it.

Sara Martin – Litchfield, CT.

I brought a old MacBook to Matt to see if he could retrieve anything from the hard drive, Matt was incredibly professional and knowledgable. I would highly recommend Matt for all your computer needs.

Blaine Schaefer – Woodbury, CT.

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

George J. Rehkamp – Bethlehem, CT.

Matt has developed a solid computer support company. I appreciate his time and availability when I was in need to solve some of my computer issues. Keep up the good work!

Lauren Armstrong – Stillwater, OK.

I used this service when I needed to access my late father’s laptop for the purposes of gathering information for Probate. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes and he gave me a lot of great advice for a few other issues I was having. The price was very reasonable and I was glad I found him instead of trying to go to a big name place to get it done.

Katie Field – Burlington, CT.

I have brought all of my computers to Matt either before they were opened and when they gave us trouble. He is very reasonably priced and quick with his work. I highly recommend him to everyone, whether it’s a new computer or one in need of repairs!!!

Chris Fleming – Washington, D.C.

Matt is a computer maven. Even remotely he has a keen ability to identify problems, and instruct people on how to fix them quickly and efficiently. Moreover, Matt is great and working with you to understand your needs for a new computer if you want to purchase one. Both Mac and PC alike, Matt is the absolute best. I wholeheartedly recommend Matt & Litchfield County Computer.

Arthur McNally – Woodbury, CT.

Matt is a very reliable individual and gives excellent service!

Arnold Nordby – Southbury, CT.

I’ve used Litchfield County Computer for all my computer needs for many years. Matt has been dependable knowlegedable and reasonably priced. I have no need to look anywhere’s else for computer expertise.

Janet Congdon – Woodbury, CT.

Matt was quick with his diagnosis of my problem on my computer, and fixed it just as quickly. I highly recommend him for any computer problem.

Jan Sardo – Bethlehem, CT.

Matt gets the work done quickly, I don’t have to wait for days and days.

Julia Cowans-Wilhelm – New Hartford, CT.

Matt helped us clean up our older iMac and prolong its utility for another year or two. We appreciated his prompt, knowledgeable service. Will definitely use again in the future.

Frank Groody – Woodbury, CT. and McConnells, SC.

Great company to do business with I would recommend their services to everybody

Charlie Scherer – Woodbury, CT.

Matt has been fixing our computers for close to 15 years, always trustworthy, always reasonable with a quick turnaround. We highly recommend Matt & Litchfield County Computer!

Daniel Almeida – Woodbury, CT.

Great service and advice. Knowledgeable and fast repair of my tower. Excellent rates.

Alexander Grant – Woodbury, CT.

Had one of the toughest issues to solve in a desktop PC which was random freezing, but Matt was able to fix it in a few weeks. 10/10 service!

Rowland and Geri Travis – Middlebury, CT.

Matt Smith is simply the best! He’s rescued us (and all our files) more than once! He is so knowledgeable about computer security too!

John Lewis – President, Home and Life Security and Sound Systems, Woodbury, CT.

Matt Smith of Litchfield County Computer did a fantastic job on one of our computers today. This guy knows his P’s&Q’s, as he’s earned a degree in the field! The unit that he repaired for us operates much better and more quickly. Solid 5 Stars

Caelan Ritter – Woodbury, CT.

Matt extracted data from a laptop compromised by water damage for me. He finished the work within a day and charged a very fair price. He also offers great advice regarding computer security.

Raja Bajaj – Middlebury, CT.

I reached out to Matt to get a starter chromebook (had physical damage) fixed. Matt, rightly guided me to the fact that it may cost more in repairs then to just buy a new chromebook. I really appreciated Matt’s candid, upfront and honest opinion.!!

Dick Terhune – Captain Mercury Productions, Litchfield, CT.

Matt has rescued me from catastrophe on more than one occasion–and prevented FUTURE catastrophes, which is even more valuable. His service & turnaround time are impeccable. Highly recommended!

Cindy Rancourt LaRowe – Owner, CR Salon, Woodbury, CT.

Matt has been a huge help to me when my computer wasn’t working. I lost my accounting software on my laptop right at tax time! You can imagine how scary that was especially as a business owner. He went to work on it right away and recovered it. Thank goodness. Anytime I have questions or need help he’s always been a great help. He also very reasonable and honest.

Beverly Iorio – Southbury, CT.

Reasonable, quick turnaround, thorough, and local. He’s my go to guy for my computer needs!!!!

Greg Canonico – Director of Estimating at EIA Inc, Woodbury, CT.

Matt really helped me out of a bind. My business computer was compromised after some hackers got a hold of it. Matt was able to retrieve all my info clean out the malware that was on the computer and make sure the hackers no longer had access. In addition to that Matt was able to turn this around and have me back in action in just a few days. Thanks again Matt!!

Denee and Eran Danner – Owners of etdmusic.com, Bethlehem, CT.

We had serious problems receiving emails on our iMac. I still can’t believe Matt figured it out. In and out in one day! Amazing

Dave Laferriere – Owner at Laferriere Associates, Woodbury, CT.

Matt has not only exceeded all of my expectations, always, but he is remarkably fast. I always need my computers back very quickly, and he delivers time and time again. He is so knowledgable, but he can explain things at my level to assist me. I have used his firm many times and would never use anyone else.

Walter Glomb – Director at CT Council on Developmental Disabilities, Hartford, CT.

Matt is the webmaster for the Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities and a master he is! He is timely, accurate and reliable despite the limitations of the State of Connecticut web site. I highly recommend Matt to anyone seeking his expertise.

Allison Yambor – Danbury, CT.

Matt fixed my laptop. His service is pretty quick, taking into consideration shipping times for parts. Reasonable price as well. Next time I need work done I’ll be contacting Matt.

Dallas Garred – Woodbury, CT.

I don’t think I have ever asked Matt a complicated (to me) computer question when he didn’t finish my sentence for me. He seems to have an encyclopedic technical mind and should he be unfamiliar with a subject, a rarity, he’ll master it astonishingly fast. He’s been dazzling me with his expertise and speed for more than 10 years.

Andrew Del Negro – Owner at General Flooring, Woodbury, CT.

Matt is sincere, reliable and reasonably priced. I have used him for all my computer needs over the years.. If you live in the area I highly recommend his services..

William Thompson – President/Owner at Energy Management Solutions, LLC, Woodbury, CT.

Matt has been servicing my IT needs on a personal and small business basis for several years. He has always been prompt and thorough in keeping me up and running. As a small business quick response and a close eye on the budget are always important. Matt has satisfied all my needs and I will continue to call him for all my future needs.

Mathew Starr – President, Five Starr Services, Kent, CT.

Matt thanks again on your assistance with this high end computer build. It works amazing and we appreciate your evaluation, hardware and operating system recommendations and insulation.

Great job

Mathew Starr
Five Starr Services

Thomas Donegan – President and CEO at Aerospace Support Holdings LLC and Owner, Aviation Finance International LLC, Bethlehem, CT.

Matt is a great resource when you need critical help in restoring your computer from a malware or ransom attack. He can fully support any requirement from upgrading to a new platform from “Windows 98” to “Windows 10” including the protecting against the constant threat assessments we are all facing everyday. He can find the very best software applications for a given need that we as end users could never evaluate. I can only recommend him with “six stars” on the a scale of “One to Five Stars “. My recommendation is based upon my own personal experiences multiple times.

Karen Ali – Waterbury, CT.

Matt is very helpful, knowledgeable and is trustworthy, He helped me sort out some computer and hardware issues very quickly and he also answered several questions I had about computer issues that I did not know how to get answered.

Blane Traynor – Waterbury, CT.

I had brought my computer to Matt to look at and after this experience with him I now will never go to anyone else. He’s the Greatest professional computer repair you will ever meet. He is close to the Waterbury area. He’s much more educated on computers than any IT guy I have ever met. He’s very reasonable with his prices and his work is thorough and fast. You are very safe to bring your personal information to him. He’s extremely knowledgeable and extremely approachable. Thank you Matt for your help.

Blane (new customer for life)

Ruth Zeiss – Real Estate Agent, Southbury, CT

Matt’s the best! He can fix whatever nightmares I throw at him! I highly recommend Matt for all your computer needs.

Joseph Monde – Guitars Plus, Southbury, CT

Five stars on every level! Matt Smith, owner of Litchfield County computers just finished a computer repair for me. His work was exemplary and his place of business, although in his home, was very easy to find! My computer was ready to be picked up only six hours after I dropped it off and his prices can’t be beat. Guitars Plus highly recommends Matt Smith and Litchfield County Computer!

Bernie McManus – Owner, Bernie McManus Appraisals, Woodbury, CT.

Matt has always provided excellent services for all my computer problems and needs.

Joanne Marcinek – Ask Joanne, L.L.C., Newtown CT.

Matt Smith is the man to go to about Windows updates and all things Microsoft and PC. He always knows the best ways to make sure your computer is running clear and clean and how to fix any issues you might be facing.

Catherine Ringeisen – Woodbury, CT.

I love Matt. Needed an IT guy locally and he is honest, great at what he does and the prices are very fair. Gained a great computer guy and also a good buddy!

Joseph Donato – Owner at Woodbury Farm Market, Woodbury, CT.

Matt has always repaired our computer in a timely and professional manner, he also built an unbelievable gaming computer for my son.
Matt’s the best!!!

Bob Ratzenberger – Woodbury, CT.

Matt has been there every time I have a problem with my computers. Matt has done everything from setting up a new laptop to cleaning up my computer when I had a problem with some viruses. Matt has also walked me thru some problem over the phone. Matt is definitely my go to guy when I have any problems.

Gail Whitright – Middletown, CT.


Jim Todd – Watertown, CT.

Matt is an incredibly reliable, talented and diligent computer specialist. I rely on Matt’s wisdom and insight whenever I have a question, concern or issue regarding our computers. He is a shining light in business, who I recommend highly.

Brien Carboni – Woodbury, CT.

Matt is an honest, detailed oriented person. If you have a difficult problem with your system he will stick with you for the long haul until the problem is resolved.

Clark Doninger – President at Nininger & Co., Ltd. Waterbury, CT.

Matt upgraded my small business computer server in September of 2015 and I am very pleased with his work. He has always been available to answer my questions and deals with my needs efficiently. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any individual or business.

Nicholas M Schmidt – Owner, Aero Acquisitions, L.L.C. Danbury, CT.

Matt has been my “go to” computer expert for years. Just recently my desktop began to run very slow. Matt knows that my aviation business is heavily dependent on having a computer in top working condition for my international client relations. He quickly made arrangements to fit me into his busy schedule, installed two solid state hard drives and I can’t believe how fast my computer is as a result of this fix/upgrade, lighting fast! Just like his turn around time.
Matt is honest, reliable, always easy to reach (even at nights and on weekends!) and has a great working knowledge of computer hardware and software. More importantly he understands what a running a company is like and the value of having a computer that helps you achieve success. I never hesitate to recommend Matt to a friend. Thanks, Matt!

Nicholas M. Schmidt
Aero Acquisitions, LLC

John Malloy – Owner, Law Offices of John J. Malloy, Newtown, CT.

Matt has assisted my law firm with its computer-related needs for over one year. He has proven to be knowledgeable, thorough, courteous and vey reasonably priced. His response time is amazing!

I have greatly enjoyed working with Matt and expect to continue to do so in the future.

John Malloy

Alan Zinser – Business Broker at Murphy Business & Financial Connecticut, Southbury CT.

I called Litchfield County Computer to fix a computer problem that had been nagging me at the office for six months. Within fifteen minutes, Matt Smith corrected the problem at very reasonable rates and offered me lots of useful technology advice. Strongly recommend.

Lori Kucky – Co-Founder, PermMedSolutions – Woodbury and Morris, CT.

I recommend Matt highly for anyone seeking expert advice on their computer needs. He has helped me many times fix, restore and update my computer needs. He is an expert at what he does. He is timely and will work around your schedule. He is amazing.

Lori Kucky
Perm Med Soultions

Dennis Roberts – Bethlehem, CT.

About three weeks ago I encountered a freak accident and lost my computer. After having Matt look at it I took his suggestion to build a new one. I can’t begin say how much I love my new machine. Beautiful job Matt!

Melissa F. Conron – Morris, CT.

Awesome job you did for me and a friend! Really affordable and I love knowing I’m secure from viruses. Even if one gets thru you’ll fix it although that has never happened in the last 10 years! Plus your really quick turn around time. I strongly recommend you and your Litchfield County Computer business.

Joanne Boucher – Watertown, CT.

Thanks Matt for the awesome job you did with getting my computer up and running virus free !!! How did you do all that work and have me back and working within 2 days??????? Thanks again – Joanne

Cheryle Elliott – Waterbury, CT.

We had a a great experience with our service. We brought in a Toshiba laptop and had windows issues and Matt corrected them. Great experience and with a fast turn around and fixed my pc problems. I would highly recommend Litchfield County Computer.

Brian Barry – Woodbury, CT.

Matt I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the work you did repairing my computer. I will let everyone at the St Teresa’s men’s club meeting tonight know what a great job you did fixing it.

Matt bailed me out of my Blue screen of death that I had on my computer He was very professional and found the problem quickly replaced the parts and got it back to me quickly and at a great price. Thanks Matt!

Officer George Romano – Woodbury Police Dept., Woodbury, CT.

I have known Matt Smith for the past five years. When I first met Matt I was impressed with his extent of computer knowledge. As a police officer I feel confident and secure when I have Matt work on both my personal and department issued computer.

Due to the sensitive nature of information on my department computer and personal information contained on my home computer, I need someone who I can trust and rely on for security reasons.

Because of his extensive and demonstrated knowledge of computer science, I have made it a point to have Matt Smith of Litchfield County Computer be an integral part of the Woodbury Citizens Police Academy. Matt has lectured at the academy for the past three years on many aspects of computer fraud, computer security, cyber-bullying, and on safeguards to prevent identity theft.

Robert Walsh

My PC was found to have too much Malware for a safe clone. LCC did find a faulty fan which Matt ordered and fixed this week at LCC for a reasonable cost plus the cost of his analysis of my hard drive. I would definitely recommend contacting LCC, at first indication of a hard drive potential problem because some clones can be done at a good price, by Matt who is very professional and does have the experience most people wish they had, like me.

Tricia Anderson and Bob Foetcsh – Roxbury, CT.

We found Matt through the best of all possible ways; through word of mouth from friends who had used his services and were very happy with the results. He’s honest, reliable, keeps to his promised time-line, easy to reach and knows computers inside and out! What more would anyone want from a computer guy? We were lucky to find him!”

Garry P. Hawxhurst – Woodbury, CT. and Durango, CO.

As a retired IT executive with 30 years of corporate IT experience with large scale mainframe and distributed applications, I thought I was prepared to handle my family’s four desktop computers and our laptop. As heavy internet users for academic research and online financial transaction processing we found ourselves constantly under attack from all forms of malicious software and hackers, not to mention the mountains of nasty spam. The constant search for new and reliable security software, pop-up blockers and spam filters along with the ongoing work to restore the machines to a point prior to some attack, to download virus definitions and to run systems scans and the occasional “reformatting” of the hard drives, became overwhelming. Finally, with the threat of “identity theft” added to these operational problems I was ready to get some up to date advice on a broad set of solutions. That is when I contacted Matthew Smith at Litchfield County Computer.

Matt and I sat down and designed a comprehensive solution to my family’s home computing and security requirements. We installed a digital high speed internet connection and a router that can handle both a wireless connection and an Ethernet cable hook up. Matt upgraded the operating systems and security packages on four of the five computers and provided all of the necessary network interface cards, wireless adapters and cables to complete the installation. All of the software and hardware were provided at prices that compare or beat what I would have had to pay at the typical electronics store. Matt’s precise instructions and dependable availability made it possible for me to follow thru and take operational control after the implementation was complete.

Today my family enjoys lightening fast internet access. We leave the systems attached to the network and automatically receive all of the updates to keep our operating systems and security software up to date. Once a week we run a set of system scans to identify and delete any items that might have made it past the layers of security provided by the router and loaded on each individual machine. This keeps the machines clean and running fast. Further, we can share access to each other’s printers and documents. This project has been a huge success and I would not hesitate to contact Matt Smith at LCC for all of my future computing advice, support and implementation requirements.

Nicholas F. Schmidt, Ph.D. – Owner of Nick Schmidt Photography – Southbury, CT.

Dear Matt,

I want to thank you for the timely and outstanding work you performed while building my new computer, upgrading the computer’s security programs and finding me the best parts for the most reasonable prices. It is a real joy to work with now. Your honesty, integrity, caring attitude and breadth of experience are rare qualities that are hard to find today.

I appreciate all that you have done and will recommend you, without reservation, to all my friends and business associates.

Dr. Marie A. Wright – Southbury, CT.

In the six years that I have known Matt, I’ve found that his knowledge of computers ranks with the best. He is enthusiastic about his profession and he provides high quality results for his clients.

Mike Blaszczak, ChFC – Woodbury, CT.

I had the pleasure of meeting Matt earlier this year when I experienced some computer problems. While I consider myself to be computer literate, I didn’t have the time to diagnose the problem. Matt came to my rescue and my computer problems were solved. What I especially liked about his work – he placed a follow-up call to make sure everything was working smoothly.

Feel free to call me @ (203) 263-0834 if you have any additional questions.

Nancy DeFelice, President, DeFelice & Associates, Inc. – Southbury, CT.

Litchfield County Computer has delivered affordable solutions for our company time and again. Matt Smith’s technical expertise, attention to detail and passion for satisfying customers’ needs has kept our systems up and running.

Doug Rogers – Newtown, CT.

Matt Smith provided excellent service when he built my custom computer and continues to do so to this day.

Nina Kaars – Cape Cod, MA.

While working at a large university, my computer support was always there for me. Upon retiring and moving I realized that I had a lot to learn in order to have sufficient computer power and safety or I had to identify someone who would be available to bail me out of problems in the future. I also wanted more memory than I had because of a growing interest in photography. Then the hard drive on my laptop began to fail. I knew I was in trouble and had to take action to keep my computer lifeline afloat.

Through a good friend, I was fortunately able to connect via email and phone with Matt Smith of Litchfield Country Computer. He has built an outstanding desktop computer for me. It has two hard drives, dual core processors, lots of RAM and many security features, which means that it is fast, powerful and safe. Matt has answered many questions, and I’m confident that he’ll be there for me while I learn to drive this powerful machine. He did all of this at prices that can probably not be found anywhere.

I highly recommend having Matt build a computer for anyone who wants the most powerful and affordable system available at this time. He is honest, articulate, aware of the most recent technology, and brilliant. How he can do all of this for me via long distance really amazes me.

Melissa Miles – Southbury, CT.

I brought my computer to Matthew Smith to fix a problem I had with it. It kept on freezing, re-dialing and was running very slowly. When I sat with Matthew he was obviously very knowledgeable in the computer field. Yet, he was able to put his recommendations into laymen’s terms for me. (Which I appreciated!) As he was explaining the problems my computer had, I appreciated his sincerity in telling me that it wasn’t necessary at this time for him to make upgrades on my computer, since my 11-year-old daughter is the one who uses it the most. However, when the time comes to upgrade, I will definitely go to Matthew.

His service was reliable, friendly and prompt. His knowledge in the field was very impressive. I would recommend him highly without a doubt.