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Does your business have a number of computers that need maintenance, patching, and just general love on a regular basis?  We handle that too!  In this crazy world where people are working from remote locations, cyber attacks happen every second on a 24/7/365 basis (no, the attackers don’t take Sundays and holidays off!) you need people that can take the weight and worry about wondering whether your IT and OT are working OK off of your shoulders.  There’s also computer security considerations that all businesses have to deal with.  Litchfield County computer will come in to your business and asses what IT and OT you have including:


and help you proactively avoid nasty IT and OT pitfalls such as:


If you need to set up manged services for your business feel free to contact us and we’ll take it from there, giving you the piece of mind that you and your business need.


Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and arrange for an estimate.

Litchfield County Computer does not lock a customer into a service contract for managed services. Ask me about purchasing time in bulk for use at a later date!