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The very name will send shivers down the spine of any company CXO.  All your data locked up under heavy duty encryption and ransom messages on every machine in your network.  The attackers want $20 million.  To make matters even worse they’ve been in your network for months learning everything they can about it.  They know more about your network than the people that built your network do. While they were in there they helped themselves to gigabytes or terabytes worth of your data and are threatening to spill it all over the Internet unless you pay up…….

I need to be honest with you……

You can call me after a ransomware attack.  I’ll come check things out and I’ll give you the best advice that I can but unless you happen to have a good set of backups that are untouched or the ransomware just so happens to be one that a decryption tool is available for there’s not much that I (or anyone else for that matter) is going to be able to do about it.  Even calling the FBI won’t be of much help because 99 percent of the time we’re dealing with a Russian, Chinese, or another foreign actor and you can’t get them arrested.  It’s not all doom and gloom though.

The key to defeating a ransomware attack is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

That means that the time to be talking to me is before a ransomware attack happens…I will come in and consult with you on what you need to do to protect your network from a ransomware attack.


Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and arrange for an estimate.